Cocoș – Sarica Trail

Mark: Blue stripe

Length: 25 km

Route: Nifon – Cocoș Monastery – Niculițel – Sarica hill

Camping place: Călugărița Valley

The route starts north of Nifon, goes on a stone road 7 km to Cocos Monastery. From Cocos Monastery go right on DJ222 to Niculiţel. The route crosses characteristic habitats of mesotermal and Balkan forests, vineyards of the Sarica Niculiţel Vineyard and agricultural crops. From Niculiţel village follow the ridge of the Sarica hill to the east.

The trail crosses habitats typical of fluffy oak forest, stepped steppe grassland with xerothermic endemic species (iris, bricks), as well as vineyards in the Sarica Niculiţel Vineyard and  agricultural crops. The route goes from west to east the Sarica Dealul Natural Reserve and from the ridge can be admired the panorama of the Danube and the Saon Monastery.