Dealul Consul – Florești trail

Mark: Red stripe

Length: 19 km

Route: DJ 229 – Dealul Consul – Valea Teilor – Florești

Camping place: Consul peak

The consul trail starts from DJ 229 at a bridge of a county road, climbs to Consul I and II, descends to DN22F and follows the peak of the Alba Hill to Valea Teilor.
The route runs through the main ridge between Valea Teilor and Floresti, crossing the habitats characteristic of silvery pine vegetation with fluffy oak, stepped collage grasslands and xerotermic rock cliffs. From Valea Teilor it goes west on the main ridge and continues south to Floreşti.
At the same time, the agricultural crops and vine plantations can be admired in the panorama. On the administrative territory of Izvoarele commune there are two natural reserves: Mount Consul and Carasan-Teke.