Priopcea Path – geological thematic trail

Marking: Yellow Dot

Length: 7 km

Route: DN 22D – North Promontory Priopcea Peak – Boldea Peak – Sivrica Peak – DN 22D

The Poteca Priopcei route presents Paleozoic geological formations (500 – 400 million years), with different degrees of metamorphism, deformed by cutting and faulting. The main types of rocks are quartzites, phyllites, amphibolites of various kinds, schists, quartz, muscovites, micaschists, metariolites, orthogneisses, limestones and shale. These rocks come from marine sediments and volcanic rocks, transformed as a result of pressure and temperature at the contact between two tectonic plates. The presentation of the route is completed with technical details regarding the length (7.5 km), the difference in level (220m), the time required to travel (3-4 hours) and the degree of difficulty (low) as well as its circular aspect, to which is added the aspect of the ridge route that generates panoramic openings of the visual field towards Lake Blasova and Insula Mare a Brăilei, the Greci depression, the Pricopanului Peak and the Măcin Peak.