SPA Măcin – Niculițel

The Natura 2000 SPA Măcin – Niculiţel Site (ROSPA0073) with a surface of 67.308,80 hectares represent an area which is designed to conserve and protect populations of several species of birds which are found within the lists of the Birds Directive (the specific law for the protection of rare, vulnerable or endangered species, applicable to the whole European Community).   

Thus, the site hold important populations of protected species of birds:

a) 56 species listed on Annex I of the Birds Directive;

b) other migratory species listed in the Annexes of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species (Bonn Convention);

c) 10 globally endangered species.

The site is important for species conservation from two points of view:

  • for nesting population of the next protected species:

Falco cherrug   (Saker Falcon)

Coracias garrulus   (European Roller)

Ciconia ciconia   (White Stork)

Accipiter brevipes   (Levant Sparrowhawk)

Burhinus oedicnemus   (Stone Curlew)

Oenanthe pleschanka   (Isabeline Wheatear)

Circaetus gallicus   (Short-toed Snake-eagle)

Buteo ruffinus   (Long-legged Buzzard)

Emberiza hortulana   (Ortolan Bunting)

Caprimulgus europaeus   (European Nightjar)

Hieraaetus pennatus   (Booted Eagle)

Lullula arborea   (Woodlark)

  • for migration period of the next protected species:

Ciconia ciconia   (White Stork)

Accipiter brevipes   (Levant Sparrowhawk)

Circaetus gallicus   (Short-toed Snake-eagle)

Buteo rufinus   (Long-legged Buzzard)

Hieraaetus pennatus   (Long-legged Buzzard)

Lanius collurio   (Red-backed Shrike)

Gyps fulvus   (Griffon Vulture)

Ficedula parva   (Red-breasted Flycatcher)

Galerida cristata   (Crested Lark)

Lullula arborea   (Booted Eagle)

Falco vespertinus   (Red-footed Falcon)

Neophron percnopterus   (Egyptian Vulture)

Pandion haliaetus   (Osprey)

Nycticorax nycticorax   (Black-crowned Night Heron)

Ciconia nigra   (Black Stork)

Himantopus himantopus   (Black-winged Stilt)

Haliaeetus albicilla   (White-tailed Eagle)

Pelecanus onocrotalus   (Great White Pelican)

Pelecanus crispus   (Dalmatian Pelican)

Ardea purpurea   (Purple Heron)

Plegadis falcinellus   (Glossy Ibis)

Platalea leucorodia   (Spoonbill)

Chlidonias hybridus   (Whiskered Tern)

Pernis apivorus   (Honey Buzzard)

Anthus campestris   (Tawny Pipit)

Aquila pomarina   (Lesser Spotted Eagle)

Aquila heliaca   (Eastern Imperial Eagle)

Aquila chrysaetos   (Golden Eagle)

Aquila clanga   (Greater Spotted Eagle)

Circus macrourus   (Pallid Harrier)

Circus aeruginosus   (Western Marsh-harrier)

Falco peregrinus  (Peregrine Falcon)

Milvus migrans   (Black Kite)

Egretta alba   (Great White Egret)

Phalacrocorax pygmaeus   (Pygmy Cormorant)

Recurvirostra avosetta   (Pied Avocet)

Tringa glareola   (Wood Sandpiper)

     The Măcin Mountains are situated on the migration route Via Pontica and are the only areas in the country so far documented where can be observed in migration more than 30000 soaring birds annually, from wich over 10000 were raptors and the rest white stork. The number of raptor species that can be observed in migration is larger than anywhere else in Europe, with 29 raptor species. The number of bird species observed in the SPA Macin-Niculitel was 236 during 1998-2007.