The Tales of Măcin Theme trail

This trail is for all categories of tourists of visitors being a medium difficulty trail. The starting point of the trail is in Greci, the natural park is entered via the Racova Valley, then it goes up on the Hill Road (Dealul cu Drum) towards the Cartalu Peak, which it bypasses by the left. Afterwards it continues towards the Călcata Peak and goes down the Carabalu Valley in the village Greci.

Trail marking: yellow strip.

Duration: 3-4 hours (including interpretation).

The Carabalu trail highlights all the great types of habitat in the natural park, including areas where there is low human activity and where in the past there used to be granite exploitation activities.

One can notice flora and fauna species which are important on European level, such as catchfly (Siliene compacta), Iris sintenisii, pygmy carnation (Dianthus nardiformis), Spur thighed Ibera (Testudo graeca ibera), Balkan green lizard (Lacerta trilineata), Four-lined Snake (Elaphe quatorlineata).

Description of trail points:

  1. For the first trail point we have prepared some general information: a short history of Dobrogea and a little data on the Măcin area and the amazing scenery here. Here you can rest on a bench shaded by a tree before going further.
  2. At point number 2 you can discover how a tree can adapt to the slightly harsh climate of Dobrogea: little precipitation, a lot of heat, a thin layer of soil. Still, some trees succeed and they even prepare the ground for others.
  3. In point number 3 a short history of the evolution of the scenery is waiting for you in a local with an exquisite panorama. During clear days you can even see the Danube on the line of the horizon. We have also especially prepared a local legend of the origin of the Greci settlement.
  4. Going through point number 4 you will find out some of the secrets of the plants in the Măcin Mountains National Park. Some plants on these lands are very rare, others can only be found here. In order to survive in this rather dry environment every plant has its own adaptation secrets. If you want to know them then we are waiting for you!
  5. Here you will discover a special area in the natural park: the Moroianu Reservation. There is a great diversity of flora species, some of them extremely rare while others have migrated here from the far-away Caucasus, Iran or Asia Minor!
  6. We have prepared a rendezvous for you in point number 6… on paperback, with several species of animals from the Măcin Mountains National Park. We do not know whether you will see them all during the trail… however, provided you pay attention to their footprints and the clues in their description, you have great chances of seeing or hearing them!
  7. If you are already at point number 7 then you already know something that few do: in Măcin there are rock which are millions of years old, much older even than the few dinosaurs on Earth!