Thematic trail Niculițel

Mark: Blue circle
Length: 9 km
Route: Around Niculiţel hill
Camping place: At the cemetery

Duration: 3-4 hours

It starts from the north of Niculiţel village and climbs “La Cruce” on Ţugulea Hill, follows the ridge of the hill southwest to the “La Troian” peak, then goes south on the “Gypsies Path” until it reaches “Dumitru Hill”. From the top of the “Dumitru Hill” descends gently towards the hillsides of the Great Hill and the Episcopate Hill, and then turns eastward under the Great Hill and descends to the south of Niculiţel. The trail crosses habitats typical of silkworm with fluffy oak, stepped collared meadows and rocks with endemic xeroterms (iris, bricks). The route goes by the hillside, from the north to the south of Niculiţel, and the panorama of the Danube and the Saon Monastery can be admired.