Troesmis Trail

Mark: Yellow strip

Lenght: 19 km

Route: DN22D – Troesmis Fortress – Iacobdeal Lake – Bulgarian Peony Hill – Fossiliferous Peony Place – Priopcea Hill – Panait Cerna Memorial House

The route starts from the DN22D road, 3 km from the junction with DJ222K, It goes on the earth road 2 km to the Daco-Roman fortress Troesmis. From fortress go on the Danube coast until you reach DJ222H, after crossing the bridge go on the quarry road and continue until Iacobdeal lake (located on the right side of the road). The route continues to the Bulgarian Peony Hill (Dealul bujorul bulgăresc) with steppe meadows, then to the natural reservation The fossiliferous place Bujoarele (Locul fosilifer Bujoarele) where paleontology elements can be admired. It crosses the DN22 road and climb the Priopcea Hill where we meet the bushes of the thorn of Christ (spinul lui Hristos), the gargoyle, a rare species of steppe wormtail, wild jasmine steppe thyme and rock clove, cilia. It is descended from the Priopcea Hill at 1, 5 km from the town of Cerna and then you can go on the DN22B road to the Panait Cerna Memorial House. The route crosses habitats with stepped meadows, traditional agricultural cultures, and from the Peak Priopcea can be admired the Danube and the Big Island of Braila.