Thematic route Dinogetia

Marking: Red Dot

Length: 4 km

Route: Cetate Dinogetea – DN 22E – Vf. Crăcănele – saddle Crăcănele – Hill of Bugeacului – Hut “La Lătîme” – DN 22E

The thematic route is addressed to local residents, bird lovers and panorama lovers, from the areas surrounding the Natura 2000 site for better awareness of the importance of the protected area ROSPA0073 Măcin – Niculițel. It is a circular route that starts, on a macadam road, from the entrance to the Dinogetetia Citadel, crosses the national road 22E Garvăn – IC Brătianu and climbs the crest of Crăcănele Hill to its top at 95 meters altitude, descends to the northwest to the saddle Crăcanele and then climb the Bugeacului Hill to its 78-meter-high peak. The descent is made to the south-west and then to the north-east on the existing road to the “La Lătime” Hut and then to the intersection with DN 22E. The route provides the visitor with the opportunity to admire the habitats with Ponto-Sarmatian steppe plants and the endemic species: Dobrogean Militia (Silene compacta) Dwarf Carnation (Dianthus nardiformis) Dobrogean Bellflower (Campanula romanica) and many species of birds of prey such as: the Great Mouse (Buteo ruffinus ) and the snake (Circaetus gallicus), but also water species considering that around this route there are many favorable wet habitats for them. At the same time, it provides wide panoramas towards the Măcinului Mountains, Balta “La Lățime”, the City of Galati with a complex mosaic of natural, semi-natural and anthropogenic ecosystems.